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Jackson Water Supply Corp is dedicated to the health and safety of our Customer’s at all times. We wanted to let you know that with all of the COVID-19 issues going on that we continue to keep your health and water quality as our top priority. As a reminder we have closed the lobby to reduce contact between Staff and Customers but also Customer to Customer contact. Our Staff is being monitored to ensure that they are staying healthy. They know if they are sick not to come into work until being cleared by a Dr. We have the drive-thru open so that we can continue to serve your needs. We are cleaning and disinfecting the drive-thru area and building on a daily basis. In addition to these precautions we want to address the ways we are continuing to make sure the water we provide is safe for drinking, cooking and hygiene purposes. Our Operator’s continue their jobs working in the field checking residual levels, taking samples, checking the Plant’s to ensure that the proper amounts of disinfection are constantly being added to the water. We have a SCADA system which is a computer system that allows our staff to monitor the activity at the Plant’s, Wells, it shows when the pumps and wells are running, checks the residual levels every 20 seconds and alerts use by phone if an issue arises. We have remote access to this system 24 hours a day and our on-call Operator as well as Management monitor it from home or on the go through our cell phones. We take the highest pride in our jobs and in our community so we are doing everything in our power to provide you with the best available water. We know COVID-19 is not a water born virus and that it has not been detected in drinking water. These are just normal procedures we follow on a daily basis as we strive to provide you with safe potable water. In addition to these things we are keeping in close contact with other area water systems, TCEQ, TRWA and other water related sources to get the most up to date information in regards to public health and safety of our water. During this time you can rest assured that we are doing our very best to keep your water healthy. We hope this helps put your minds at ease and allows you to focus on other areas of concern. We will continue to post updates and alerts as needed.


As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to call or email us at 903-566-1320 cs@jacksonwatersupply.com amber@jacksonwatersupply.com accounts@jacksonwatersupply.com we are also available by text at 903-780-4897. Our on call emergency # is 903-258-8001 but please limit calls to this # to emergency water issues so they can dedicate their time to those.