How To Detect A Leak

Think you might have a water leak? Before, going to the meter make sure all sources of water are turned off. Sources of water could include: faucets, shower heads, running toilets, washing machines, diswashers, sprinklers and spigots. Then, go to the meter. Remove the box lid there is an endpoint connected to the lid. The endpoint has a wire that runs to the meter make sure you are careful not to damage the wire You can lay the lid to the side carefully. There maybe water or dirt in the box remove enough to expose the top of the meter. Open the protective cover on the meter If it is dirty wipe the surface gently to expose the digital screen. There are a few displays so if you are not seeing the reading screen which will have multiple numbers followed by a decimal point and 2 more number close the lid for a few seconds and open it again. Once you are at the reading screen you will watch to see if the numbers are changing. After several seconds of watching if the numbers have changed you have a leak on your side. Our Water License only covers us from the main to the water meter anything past the meter requires a plumber.