Meter Reading

STEP 1 Step 1: Find your meter box. Your meter box is typically located in the front of your property near the street. It may be made of concrete or plastic and could have a concrete, plastic or cast iron lid. Our operators also sometimes paint the lid blue to make it stand out better. Carefully remove the lid.

STEP 2   Once you open the meter box lid, lift the protective cap on the meter. Your meter may not have this protective cap on it (please let our office know so that we can place your meter on a list to be assessed for damage concerns). You may also have to dig dirt out of the box or remove water to be able to see the meter. Due to the fact that water meters are installed below ground level to prevent freezing these are conditions that affect the readability of your meter.

STEP 3   On the face of the meter there is a digital dial with a display of numbers. Read the number display from left to right (including numbers after decimal point). This is your meter reading. The meter below reads 0000450.00 and your bill would show 000400 gallons since we bill per 100 gallons.



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